Death the Kid


OKAY EVERYONE, GUESS WHUT. Besides the awesome fact that my friend changed my layout and is working on my profile....I am moving to a new journal cuuuuuuuuuuz.....

Death the Kid is in fact an open name jksahdfjkaghfsjkgsdajkg *__________* So yeah, I stole it. And cuz I am too poor for a re-name token :< so yeah, if ya still like me....GO ADD ME NOW >:o!!

Death the Kid

I feel uncreative~


If life ain't angsty...then its boring for me XD I mean, its been semi-relaxing, sans the school work and work work -w- although, 24-28 hours a week ain't so bad compared to what alot of college students hafta work so I guess...I should feel grateful that thats all I hafta work to just get by, and even have a few nice things :3

I've had fun indulging mahself in a few fandoms such as Zoku Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei *A*b -sexysexy-, Ookiku, Majin Tantei Nougami Neuro <3 ovendoor you better tell me if more than episode 7 is subbed or I'll beat you with a stick *angeryface* , hmmmmm, I wanna finish F/S Night if I can stay awake through al of the talking |D;; and OHH, more Pumpkin Scissors plz~ <3 ALSO, request...does anyone know where I can download Darker than Black cuz I've REALLY wanted to watch it and I know its licensed and all, but...well, I'd buy it if I could find it, but I can't anyone y/y??

ALSO, I saw what Pyramid Heads were today courtesy of haruhara 8D;;;; Now I wun be able to sleep lolololollololollolol~ -cries-

Well thats it cept...why the heck not, everyone else is doing so I will too...just like drugs 8D;; jkjk

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I dun think anyone will do this but hey, someone may surprise me and do it now that I said that....who knows XD
Death the Kid

It's a New Year....Year of the Yuki...bye bye Gure


It's annoying when I fall asleep at the compy...I guess having the laptop in mah room on mah bed has its down sides' |D;; yeaaaaaaaaaaaah, I fall asleep rly fast on mah warm comfy bed. Sowwy harauhara...I didn't mean to fall asleep on ya ;3;/) -nieniechuhuggleglompkissu- <3

Dood, I am so lucky I have a well trained falling alseep on mah bed I left lots of chocolate laying around to where he could get to it easily. And so now that I've had a 3 hour nap...I'm not tired -headpillow- so now I'll be up til like 9am and then fall asleep 8D but at least I'll be able to stay up into the New Year~ /o/ I is gonna paaaaaaaaaaaartyyyyy~~ ...not rly o__o I'm prolly gonna stay up on Aim and talk on the normal...but thats about...need to make mah resolutions soon o3o